[Android ADK] Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino

又發現一本 Android ADK (Android Open Accessory) 結合 Arduino 的書,作者 David Cuartielles 可是大名鼎鼎的 Arduino 創始小組之一呢,內容想必非常豐富


I Welcome to the Wonderful World of Accessories

1 Introduction to Android Open Accessory

2 Setting Up the (Arduino) Hardware

3 Understanding Data Communication

4 Setting up Development Environments

5 Creating the Accessory Library

6 Using Your Accessory Library

7 Digital Arduino

8 Analog Arduino

II Projects

9 Bike Ride Recorder (腳踏車里程計)

10 Kitchen Lamp(廚房燈控)

11 Mr Wiley(機器人)


另外也推薦這一本 [Beginning Android ADK with Arduino](http://www.apress.com/9781430241973):

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